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Your Home Didn’t Sell?

There are many reasons why your home might not be selling.

Working hard to get it done before the deadline

Did you use an out of area agent?
May-be it wasn’t the right time?
Was your agent also a lender?

Were you priced right to begin with?

A professional real estate agent, especially one who is a REALTOR® will be able to properly advise you and the process, Do’s and Don’ts and current market trends. Using an agent who specializes in your area will be able to take that one step further and will be able to advise you also on the market trend in your community which might not mirror the surrounding area. A REALTOR® who specializes in your area will also have a well established network of support to help show and market your property.

While there are always people looking to buy homes some areas have more of a seasonal trend than others. Be aware of this and get advice from your local  REALTOR® to see if this might impact the sale of your property.

You want a team of professionals helping you sell your home. A good REALTOR® will have a network of professional relationships for every part of the home buying process.  A bad agent will try to do much of the process themselves. This can lead to an overly busy, unorganized and distracted real estate agent, and your home not being sold. You should always speak with your REALTOR® and discuss how they are going to handle the sale of your home all the way through the process and what other companies they have relationships with to help make sure the process is as smooth as it can be.

Lastly have you priced your home correctly for your local market? A local REALTOR® will be able to advise you on this and it is something you should take very seriously.  While you may feel you home should be worth a certain amount because of upgrades you have done or what you have heard about other communities market trends this may not be supported in your specific area. Pricing your home correctly when you first go on the market and your home is getting the most attention can help it sell in a timely manner. If your home is not selling it might be time to take a look at how you have priced your home  and make adjustments. A REALTOR® will be able to advise you on this and will always try to get the maximum selling price for you.

Give a local REALTOR® a call today to see what they can do to help sell your home as quickly as possible and for the highest price.  Click here to find a REALTOR®

If you are already working with a REALTOR® or real estate agent, ask them to sit down with you and have a frank conversation about why your home might not be selling. You might not always like the answers but they can only help you achieve your goal.

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